Are YOU up to the Challenge?

The world can seem like an unfriendly, threatening place, yet we all want safety, health, and happiness for ourselves and the people we love. How can one ordinary person — you or me — make a positive difference in this world? One way is the practice “paying it forward.” While the steps might be simple, the outcome can be life changing.

What does “Pay it Forward” Mean?

  • The expression “pay it forward” is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by having it done for others instead.
  • It is to commit random acts of kindness, especially to strangers
  • It can be donating money or performing good deeds without hoping for recognition or renumeration
  • It could be as simple as giving your time, talents and energy to improve the situation and/or mood of others.
  • Conducting these acts of kindness and generosity can make this world just a little more bearable for some and change lives for others.  Whether the act is big or small “Paying it Forward” builds communities, and brings people together.

Paying it forward can set forth a chain reaction of good deeds

Examples of “Paying it Forward” can include:

  • plugging quarters into an expired parking meter
  • reading to kids at a local library
  • cleaning up garbage in the neighborhood
  • paying for the order in the car behind you when going through a drive-through

If it makes the world a better or friendlier place by giving someone a warm feeling, you’ve  succeeded!

Chase made a Difference:

In 2011, the Canora Junior Elementary School took on the task of spreading the idea within the community that it only takes one person to make a difference.  They taught they students the concept of “Paying it Forward” and handed out Pay it Forward cards to each students asking them to think about ways to use them.  Chase was only 6 years old when he came home with his card and he was constantly thinking of ways he could make a difference.  Whether it was shoveling the neighbor’s driveway in the winter or opening doors for others, Chase’s heart was so full of love and goodness to share.  The lesson our family learned was that no matter how young or old, rich or poor, everyone has something to give.  When he passed away we handed out these cards to all the people who attended his funeral and still do till this day as a reminder of who Chase really was.. a loving little boy with so much to offer.  We are asking that you take the time to use these cards to pay forward all the love, good thoughts, generosity and kindness for others in Chase’s memory.  Please show this in your actions and deeds to support someone else who may need it.

We Challenge You to Make a Difference

Can you think of 3 things that you can do for someone or something that they normally would not be able to do for themselves?

Download a copy of Chase’s Pay It Forward card here . . . use it to Pay Forward a good deed and then let us know what you did to make a difference in our world for someone else.

Please let us know what good deed you have done as a Pay it Forward act of kindness for some unsuspecting stranger.  We would love to hear from you to find out what you did and with your permission we would love to post your deed on our blog so that others may also be inspired to make a difference in our world.  Be sure to outline in detail what you did and if possible include a photo.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for making a difference in memory of Chase!


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