Pay It Forward – Locks of Love and Kindness

On June 10, 2011, Abby Wilson went to the Relay for Life that was being held at Madge Lake, to donate her hair to be made into a wig for a cancer patient.  She had been wanting her cut for some time, and I always had told her that after her dance recital we could do it. She had been wanting to use the “Pay It Forward” Card and this was the perfect chance to do it. Little did we know how one act of kindness would touch our family so.

I had explained to Abby before that when people get sick with cancer, and have treatments, they can lose their hair, and that people donated their haircuts and it gets made into a wig. I showed her what the Relay for Life was all about, and as a family we decided that this is what we would do with her hair.  Our friend was going to be the MC for the night, so he was able to set this up for us. We then had the newspaper call wanting her story, and from there we not only had donations from our family and friends, but from strangers who were so touched by this little 6 year old girl. The year book committee at the high school held a perogie lunch and all the proceeds went to Abby’s haircut. When she took the stage to donate her 11 inches of hair, she also donated over $1800 for cancer research!

She passed out the “Pay It Forward” Cards in Chase’s memory that night, and showed everyone there that small acts of kindness matter. I shed so many tears of pride that night…as she would walk up to complete strangers and hand them a card, she explained who Chase was and that she was doing her part to keep his memory alive. She asked each person to do something nice without wanting anything in return. All at the age of 6…she just got it.

Abby plans to donate her hair again, when it is long enough to donate again.  Abby really enjoyed the relay for life.  Special thanks to Abby’s mom – Alissa Wilson for sharing this story.


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