New Pay It Forward Cards – Get Your Copy Here!

They are here . . . And they are fabulous!!

We have just had a whole new batch of Chase’s Pay It Forward Cards printed and we wanted to share the new design with you all.  They are absolutely wonderful as they feature the virtues of Kindness and Generosity of Spirit and Self that we all desire from those around us and that we so clearly saw from our little Chase.  It is also these same virtues that promote the concept of Pay It Forward.

Please feel free to print you own copies of the cards to send to your family members, hand out at your workplace, allow your children to take to school, or just to keep a few extra copies in your wallet or purse when the opportunity presents itself to use one with a total stranger. You can download your copy of the new Chase Kraynick Pay It Forward Card here.

Special thanks to Source Embroidery in Yorkton, SK for designing and printing the new cards for us.

Please use these cards to show the world that one person really can make a difference.

Remember . . . when you do use one or if you have been the recipient of a Pay It Forward act of kindness, please Contact Us to let us know what happened.  We would love to share your story on this blog so that everyone can see just how easy it is to Pay It Forward.

Are you up to the challenge??


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