Thank-You to CBC Radio

For those of you who regularly tune into AM 540 – CBC Radio Saskatchewan, yesterday afternoon at 5:30 you would have heard a bit more about Chase and what we have been doing with this blog.

The Afternoon Edition, hosted by Craig Lederhouse, featured an interview with Rachel Kraynick, Chase’s mom.

The interview highlighted the joy and life that Chase brought to us all, as well as this blog and the “Pumpkins For The Park” fundraiser.  Rachel did a great job of telling Chase’s story and providing so many insights as to the importance of this project.  It was an emotional time for anyone listening.

The digital copy of the interview can be accessed on the below link to CBC Radio Afternoon Edition.  For those of you who missed it, please take a listen.  Rachel’s strength, determination, and passion is very clearly evident.

CBC radio has graciously linked our blog on to their CBC Radio Afternoon Edition interview archive page as well as their Facebook page.  They have opened the page up for comments.  If you feel the need please send them a comment.  We would love to maybe have some follow up support from them in the future.

Thanks to CBC Radio Saskatchewan and Craig Lederhouse for the support, exposure, and respect that they have shown toward our family and the projects we are working on.

Remember to  Pay It Forward today.  Every day is a good day to do so!


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