Pay It Forward – Using Your Time and Talents

When Canora Junior Elementary School began their “It Just Takes One Card” campaign, it was something that inspired Chase to want to use all the time.  Since his passing the staff at the school have been collecting stories from people who have been inspired to make a difference in the world for someone else by using Chase’s Pay It Forward Card. This is one of the stories collected by the teachers at Canora Junior Elementary School. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning, look at our email and find stories just like this one.  It is proof once again that the things we do on a daily basis truly make a difference for others in the world.  Thanks for sharing Jim and Janet!  And thanks to the staff at CJES for collecting stories. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone and remember to Pay It Forward.  Chase Made a Difference . . . What Will You Do today?

Hi, I am writing you this note to thank-you so much for the pumpkin you gave our family last year with the pay it forward card.  We carved a face in him and he sat on our steps on Halloween night, and greeted our trick-or-treaters. When my husband, Jim, was little he too had a pumpkin patch.  He cared for them all summer, turning them to make sure they were even, and then sold them in the fall.  His sister Wendy helped him with the pumpkins, but I think in the end he was the one who made the profit.  🙂

Your Pay It Forward idea is such a beautiful tribute to your son.  I am a Massage Therapist and in honour of Chase, I did three massage treatments, free of charge, for people who needed help and are on limited budgets.  I told them about Chase and the “Pay It Forward card”.  Hopefully they too, will do something kind and pass it on as well.

I also bought some cleaning products and gave them to a elderly friend of ours.  I know she uses these products and I told her they were a gift . She is also on a very limited budget, and she was happy and surprised to receive them.

Jim and I, were very saddened about Chase’s passing. I often wonder why such sad things happen in life. I don’t think there is a answer or at least I have not come up with it.  In closing, please accept our condolences, and thank-you once again for our Halloween  pumpkin.


Jim and Janet Gorman


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