Aviva Community Fund Project – Voting Information for the Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park

Good Morning Everyone!  We need you!!

Please read this post carefully and follow the voting instructions at the bottom to show your support for the Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park.

We are very excited at the prospect that this wonderful opportunity brings to our community and we are in need of your support and your ability to take action in making a difference right here, in heart of this wonderful province.

We have entered the Splash Park idea in the Aviva Community Fund competition to win $100,000 which would be put toward building the Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park a reality.  Currently we are up against over 300 other project ideas that have been entered from all across Canada.  Therefore, making it through Round 1 is critical.  The only way to advance through this first qualifying round is to collect the highest number of online votes for the project proposal.

This is where we need your support.  We are asking you to vote for our project idea every single day of the voting period.  The online voting timeline is from October 1st to October 15th and votes are tabulated on a daily basis during this time period.

This means that your one daily vote will be counted and then every day after that until October 15, we will ask you to please, please, please log on and vote again.  But here is the trick . . . We will need as many votes as possible to advance through each round.  Therefore, if you have multiple email addresses . . . please vote from each of them every single day from October 1st – October 15th.

We are asking you to take 2 minutes every day to show your support for the Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park project idea.  Make it a family event around the breakfast or supper table.  Get your colleagues in on it at work and create some excitement with a work voting challenge.  Please forward this information on to as many friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances that you can.  Maybe even send it to your entire contact list. 🙂  People can vote from anywhere in the country and we are relying on the support of you and many others with the voting process to ensure we make it through the initial qualifying rounds.  We know that we already have many friends and followers from around the world as well.  We hope that your votes will also count.

This is a national competition . . . so let’s make all of Canada know that the good people of this province right here in the heart of Good Spirit country really know how to make a difference for their community!!  Please vote!

SO . . . here are the voting instructions:

1.  Go to http://www.avivacommunityfund.org

2.  Vote for Idea # ACF13447

3.  You can only vote once a day from one email account  . . . so if you have multiple email accounts vote once a day from each account that you have access to and please vote every single day of the competition from October 1 – October 15.

4.  Forward this on asking as many people as possible to please vote for our idea!

Please remember to follow our progress with this competition on Facebook,  Twitter and this WordPress Blog.

Also, if you would like to receive instant email updates of posts made on this blog please sign up to be a follower by entering your email address and clicking on the Follow Us tab on the right side of your screen at the top of this blog page.

We thank you for your support, your votes, and your generosity of time!!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


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