Pay It Forward – “Leaf” It With Someone Else

Fall time is a favourite of many.  It brings with it smells of harvesting combines and gardening treasures like plump pumpkins, piles of potatoes, and zucchini made into endless pans of chocolate cake (but it freezes well).  Fall wouldn’t be fall of course without the beautiful orange, red and brown colours that are reflected in every fallen leaf.  Depending on where you live these leaves, although very beautiful to look at, may become too much to clean up around your home and yard.  This brings a wonderful idea and a very easy opportunity for kids of all ages to Pay It Forward.  It makes us ask the question: Who will you “leaf” your Pay It Forward Card with today? We thank Hayden’s mom, Kelly, for sharing his story with us.

7-year-old Hayden Strelioff of Canora had received a Pay It Forward card last fall and wanted to do a “good deed” for someone else in memory of Chase.  While visiting his grandma one day he noticed that her deck was completely covered with a blanket of freshly fallen leaves.  Springing into action, Hayden quickly enlisted the help of his little brothers Kale and Ashton.  They found a broom and some garbage bags, and then rolled up their sleeves to get to work.  It didn’t take long until his Grandma’s deck was completely swept off and all the leaves bagged up.

What a great way to show generosity and thoughtfulness for someone else, boys!  Great job to Pay It Forward Hayden!  We are proud of your efforts.  We just hope that you did play in the leaves a little bit as well.  We know that this is the best part about cleaning up leaves and it was certainly one thing that Chase loved to do.

The best part of this story is that not only did Hayden Pay It Forward through his actions to clean up the leaves but he also decided to leave a Pay It Forward card with his Grandma in hopes that she would Pay It Forward for someone else.

On behalf of Hayden and his brothers, we would like to use his example and extend this challenge to kids of all ages, everywhere, to grab a rake and some garbage bags and go help someone in your community with all the leaves on their lawn or deck.  Don’t forget to challenge them to continue making a difference by giving them a Pay It Forward Card to use with someone else.

Have a wonderful Fall Day Everyone!  After working hard raking leaves make sure you go eat some zucchini cake.  🙂


One thought on “Pay It Forward – “Leaf” It With Someone Else

  1. Rachel, I have so much admiration for you. You and your family are doing something wonderful for Chase, and by doing so have found a way to help cope with your grief at the same time. When you feel that your community cares and is there to support your efforts it makes a difference in how you deal with your loss. Every time someone in your community supports you, they are “paying it forward” and spreading it around. Keep doing exactly what you are doing and you will be okay. Much Love.

    Maureen German

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