Creative Carvings – A “Pumpkins From The Park” Reunion

BOO!  Happy Hallowe’en everyone!

All children love this time of year and Chase was no different.  He loved decorating for Hallowe’en, carving pumpkins and, of course, getting all dressed up for Trick-or-Treating.  Dressing up like a Crayon, a bumble bee, a lion, a caterpiller or a skunk he loved them all and looked forward having fun with his brother Cooper, cousin Everett or friends from school.

And, as you all know the tradition of growing pumpkins and enjoying the harvest season has been one that Rachel, Clinton, Chase and Cooper had been doing for the last few years.  In fact, the pumpkin carving tradition was a big, huge, gigantic event in the Kraynick household as Chase and Cooper would have the pick of the crop to carve.

Today’s blog post takes a look at all of the creative pumpkin carving juices that are flowing around the countryside.  WOW!  There are some talented people out there.  The things you can do with carving tools and a little imagination are amazing!!  Thanks to all for sending in photos of your creative carvings.  Take a look at all the wonderful creations and enjoy all the great photos.

Happy Hallowe’en!


Pay It Forward – Inspired To Act

Inspiration to make a difference can come from many sources.  We firmly believe that teachers all over this world have a huge impact on the students they work with daily.  The role that they play in the classroom as models, facilitators, teachers, guides, and learners themselves is critical to the development of all children.  As Rhonda Bailey shares with us, Chase’s made an impact on one of her students that caused action to be taken the only way she knew how.

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Yorkton, SK and I teach at St. Michael’s School.  I have had the great opportunity to do presentations to the students in several classrooms explaining who Chase was and how students could begin using the Pay It Forward cards. After I did a presentation for the Grade 7 class, a girl from the class, Juannic, went out canvassing that night for Chase’s splash park. She came to me the next day in my classroom and gave me $65.05 to donate to the Kraynick family in their effort to get the splash park built! She said that she will continue to go out and give people Chase’s Pay It Forward Card. She was inspired by his motivation to want to make a difference and wanted to do the same! I am so proud of these young kids and the efforts that they are making to do generous deeds for others.


Rhonda Bailey

What a kind and generous gesture, Juannic.  We hope that you feel very proud of yourself for taking action to help make a change.  Thank-you for sharing this story with us Rhonda!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?

Pay It Forward – A Birthday Wish

When you think of a Birthday Party what do you envision?  Well, the most common responses include cake, balloons, party games, streamers, smiling children, candles, and gifts.  Today’s Pay It Forward story has all of these elements present except one – the gifts.  And for any ordinary 8-year-old that might be a really big deal, but this is a story about an extraordinary young lady who came up with an idea for her party that gives new meaning to the idea of giving gifts.  Thanks to the Woloshyn family for sharing their story with us.

Several weeks ago it was time to start planning Bree’s 8th Birthday party. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she thought about it for several minutes and couldn’t come up with any ideas on what she wanted or needed for her birthday. I told her to think about it for a day and then maybe she would think of something. Well the next day again she still couldn’t think of anything so I asked her what she would think of not accepting any gifts from her friends and asking them to donate money in the amount of what they would spend on a gift. Bree thought about it for a minute and said YES, let’s do it. I asked her where she would like to donate the money to and she immediately picked something near and dear to her heart, as well as to everyone else in our community . . . The Chase Kraynick Splash Park.

So the invitations went out and on Sat. Oct.13, Bree and 8 of her friends went out to the Corn Maze fields in Canora to enjoy the afternoon and when it was time to “open the gifts” all the kids crowded around to watch Bree open the envelopes of money that her friends and their parents had generously donated. It was heartwarming to hear the chatter about them being excited about the splash park and how they can’t wait to play in it and then to listen to their stories and memories of Chase. In the end, Bree collected $310.00 which is all going to The Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park.

Thank you for reminding us what is truly important in life and I know that as a family we will continue to find many moments where we can “Pay it Forward”.


The Woloshyn Family

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?

Pay It Forward – Everyday Kindness Matters

Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from Melville, SK.  As you can see, this entire family has taken the Pay It Forward philosophy to heart.  As Joelle Lucas shares with us it is the everyday kindness that matters most to people and can be one of the best ways to Pay It Forward to warm your own heart.

I love the idea of this and am so grateful  & blessed to be a part of this!

We receive a card from Jayden Bisschop & Jaxon Bisschop on Thanksgiving Sunday.

Yesterday, my daughter held doors open for over 100 people and volunteered to help at the magic show that was put on by St. Henry’s school in Melville.  I (her mother) was supposed to help after we attended the first show @ 1:00 but she came back with me and helped out by holding doors open & stamping hands.  She knew she was doing this because of Chase, and to be kind and to make a difference & pass it on.  Each & every single person smiled as they entered the doors, which made her smile, which made me smile.

We passed the card on to a mother of a family that entered the doors and was so impress that Jersey opened it and held it open for them.  We explained the card to her and she was very touched and was very excited to “pay it forward”

Our second card was given to our parish priest from St. Henry’s.  He spoke to us about being selfless, generous & kind.  So my kids thought we could bring him cookies just to be kind.  Ty (my son) passed the card on to him.  He had the same reaction, very blessed & thankful to be part of it.

It’s so kind to be kind, and we’re glad to be a part of this random act of kindness movement for Chase!

We will continue to PAY IT FORWARD!

Take care & God bless your family!

Matt, Joelle, Jersey & Ty Lucas

Melville, SK

Thankful Thursday – Ludba Construction, Ltd.

Thinking about the magnitude of this Splash Park project, “overwhelm” is a word that instantly comes to mind.  When we first began looking into this there were many variables involved that we really had no idea about where to even start.  We have since come to realize that relying on the knowledge and expertise of many others who are kindly donating their time and resources to supporting this project in our community, is very necessary.

Robin Ludba of Ludba Construction, Ltd. in Canora, SK has the know-how and expertise to help us with the first steps of this project and has chosen to use his Pay It Forward card in support of our Chase.  Robin is a family-oriented man who understands the importance and benefits that a Splash Park would have . . . not only on the families within our community but also from the perspective that our family has regarding the healing process that we are on in preserving the memory of Chase.   Robin has been quoted as saying he is “honoured  to support the Splash project in Canora” and we are truly honoured to have him play an integral role in this journey with us.  He will be the key man in charge of excavating the Splash Park site, supplying the gravel, and prepping the area for all the other construction steps that will be necessary in the build.

Robin . . . words cannot express the thanks and appreciation that we feel for you as a business man, community supporter, and most of all as a family friend.

If you are looking for an Excavating Contractor with quality workmanship and a lot of heart we would highly recommend that you phone Robin Ludba at 563-6431 or stop by Ludba Construction, Ltd.on Norway Road N. in Canora, SK.