Voting Begins Today – Please Support Us

Happy Monday Morning Everyone!!

Voting for the Aviva Community Fund competition begins today and we are super excited about it all.  Please remember that this is a national competition . . . so let’s make all of Canada know that the good people of this province right here in the heart of Good Spirit country really know how to make a difference for their community!!

Please vote!

We also promise that we will not inundate you with reminders to vote from this blog.  The purpose of the blog is to share stories of Pay It Forward acts of kindness and generosity . . . so that is what we will continue to do.  If you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, the daily reminders will come from there.

SO . . .  as a reminder here are the voting instructions:

1.  Go to

2.  Vote for Idea # ACF13447

3.  You can only vote once a day from one email account  . . . so if you have multiple email accounts you can vote once a day from each account that you have access to and please remember to vote every single day of the competition from October 1 to October 15.

4.  Forward this on asking as many people as possible to vote for our idea!

5.  You can check out the CTV story that aired about this project on Saturday by clicking here.  Thanks Julie for putting this all together for us!!

Also, if you would like to receive instant email updates of Inspirational Stories put on this blog please sign up to be a follower by clicking on the Follow Us tab on the right side panel of this blog page.

We thank you for your support, your votes, and your generosity of time!!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


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