Pay It Forward – A Visual Reminder for Students

Schools, teachers and classrooms can become an integral part of the Pay It Forward movement across our province.  Just like Kevin Spacey in the movie Pay It Forward some teachers choose to work on an assignment all year long that will be a constant reminder for the students to Pay It Forward.  Today’s story comes from a teacher in Yorkton, SK.  Thanks so much for sharing Bonnie!  We would also love to hear about some of the random acts of kindness that your students have done for others or have been a witness to due to this thoughtful assignment.

Hi, My name is Bonnie Pendleton and I teach at St. Michael School in Yorkton.  Rhonda Bailey shared Chases story with our staff in June and I shared it with my students on the first day of school.  We have decided to do a random acts of kindness bulletin board in my classroom in memory of Chase.  When the students do or see an act of kindness they fill out a sheet of paper with Chases picture on it and write down the act and who did it, then I put it on the bulletin board.  We hope to fill up this bulletin board several times this school year.

God Bless

Bonnie Pendleton

Bonnie’s story has prompted us to issue a challenge to all other teachers out there.  We would love to begin a Teacher Page on this blog sharing Pay It Forward lesson plans and/or ideas of how you have used the Pay It Forward concept in your classroom or your school.  Please forward your ideas and/or lessons to us and we will post them on our up and coming Just For Teachers Page.


One thought on “Pay It Forward – A Visual Reminder for Students

  1. Bonnie is an amazing teacher and am very proud that she is doing this as my son is in her class and is excited to help make a difference.

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