Pay It Forward – A Make Sense Decision by HomeSense

We received a note from Patricia Munroe of Saskatoon about a very creative project her and her staff have come up with.  They have decided to use Chase’s Pay It Forward cards to make a difference within their own city and community.  This is what the spirit of Pay It Forward is all about . . . making a difference in the lives of others.

I manage the HomeSense store in Saskatoon.  We have a basket in our staff lunch room where we collect personal toiletry items throughout the year.  Anytime I or one of my staff travel somewhere we save the ones from the hotel rooms and add to the collection basket.  We also collect items we cannot sell in the store but are still useful to others.  We have decided that we are going to package some of these items into individual packages and include one of Chase’s Pay It Forward Cards with each one on a monthly basis and donate them to the women’s shelter here in Saskatoon.  We are also going to attach extra pay it forward cards for the shelter to hand out to women.

What Patricia and her staff at HomeSense have chosen to do is something that any business or place of work could easily take on.  Thank you so much for sharing your story Patricia!  On your behalf we would like to issue this challenge to all other businesses across this country – What will you do to Pay It Forward in order to make a difference in your own communities?  Chase made a difference . . . what will you do today?


2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward – A Make Sense Decision by HomeSense

  1. Yay momma! You and your store are always helping others!! When your in Saskatoon next stop at Homesense and say hi!!!

  2. Thanks Robin!

    I am very proud of my store and staff.

    Every year TJX Canada,( Winners, HomeSense and Marshalls stores) sponsor 3 very worthy organizations.

    The Canadian Womans Foundation, committed to help woman and children living in violence.
    Walk of Hope for Ovaian Cancer
    Sunshine Dreams for Kids

    To support these worthwhile causes we sell decals and products to our customers and in the Walk of Hope we get people to sponser us.

    Last year our store of approx.40 associates had the largest Saskatoon Team entered for the Walk of Hope, with family and friends as well as store employees making a total of 28 walkers.
    Thank you to my three wonderful daughters and my grandchildren and Dave for joining me on this walk.

    My team in the SASKATOON HOMESENSE STORE put our heads together to fiqure out ways we could help even more with these causes and others.

    We purchased our own popocorn machine and set it up in the front of the store,
    We put signage up for the event we are raising funds for and a piggy bank for the customer to put their donation in.

    We found that not only did this significantly help us to raise extra funds it also helped our shoppers keep hubby and the kids happy while mom did her shopping.

    This year we raised over $20,000.00 for the CWF and The Sunshine Dream for Kids in addition to what our company contributes .

    We have demin weekends, where staff can wear jeans for the weekend if they bring a canned /dried food item. We gather this up in one our shopping carts and then donate to the Saskatoon Food Bank.

    We also set a big box at the front of the store through Nov and Dec and accept donations of gently used winter wear. We contribute this to The Bridge in Saskatoon helping Saskatoons homeless.

    We also last year and this year will again, adopted a Saskatoon family.
    We bought them christmas gifts and a full christmas dinner.
    What a pleasure to see their faces as well hauled in the boxes of christams goodies.

    I am so proud and grateful for the wonderful company and staff I work with and having the opportunity to touch so many lives each year in so many ways!!

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