Pay It Forward – Volunteer Spirit is the Heart of a Community

When we first decided to set up “Pumpkins For The Park” a few weeks ago, we did not realize how quickly word would travel around the community and the province.  We could have never predicted the number of people who felt this to be a worthy cause to support.

Initially we thought that we would set up our trailer and sign, and then meet a few interested individuals who were looking for their Hallowe’en pumpkins.  The scene that was waiting for us that sunny fall morning was completely the opposite and instantly brought tears to our eyes as we drove the truck and trailer down Main Street Canora.  There already was a crowd of people waiting for us.  There were families walking down the street hand-in-hand with wagons in tow and children standing with piggy banks in their hands waiting to pick the perfect pumpkin.  Once again WOW! was the only word that came to our minds.

We really did not anticipate the heart-felt response that was waiting for our family that morning and the last thing we had thought about was issuing receipts and documenting the donation amounts.  We simply were not that organized.  However, Patty Kolodziejski and Shiela Dmitruik were.  These two wonderful ladies were very much on the job that morning and well ahead of us.  Unbeknownst to us, they too were waiting with the crowd that morning . . . not in anticipation of receiving a pumpkin but instead ready at a donation table with all the necessary documentation to ensure that proper receipts could be issued for all donations made that morning.  They diligently and graciously accepted all donations on our behalf and gave up their whole Saturday away from their families, in order to do so.

Pumpkins For The Park was a huge success . . . to say the very least.  Every last pumpkin we cared for and grew this season was given away in exchange for a donation toward the Splash Park.  At the end of this busy Saturday the final total collected from Pumpkins in the Park was $15,500 . . . not just for pumpkins but for the future of our community.  A heartfelt thank you to Patty and Shiela for donating your organizational skills and your time . . . and a huge thank you to all for your support!  It is the volunteer spirit of both Patty and Sheila that speaks volumes about many individuals in our Good Spirit community.  They are a shining example of how anyone can use their Pay In Forward card by simply giving a few hours of time for something you really believe in and support.  Thanks so much Patty and Sheila for making a difference!


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