Pay It Forward – Just Because . . .

Sometimes the most important Pay It Forward is ‘just because . . .’ someone is there and so special in your life.  It is important that we let others know just how important they truly are to us.  Carmen Kraynick and her three children (Connor, Parker, and Hailey) did just that this Thanksgiving weekend!  I”m sure all of their neighbours felt the power of kindness and generosity that Pay It Forward brings to us all.  Enjoy the read and think about how you might use your Pay It Forward card today!!

Chase was such a very special little boy and we have always felt honored to have him as a nephew and cousin. We will forever remember his mischevious smile and love for the outdoors. Chase’s kindness and desire to help others has also left a lasting impression on his younger cousins Connor and Parker, and for the longest time Connor has been looking for ways to use his Pay It Forward card “just like Chase did”.

As Thanksgiving weekend approached, we talked alot about all the things we have to be thankful and we quickly realized that we are truly so blessed.  One blessing the boys were quick to point out was our great neighbours and how much they enjoyed visiting with them. We are very lucky to live in a neighbourhood filled with great people and I thought, what better time to let them know how fortunate we feel to live among them. So we went out and bought a big bouquet of flowers and made up small arrangements for all the neighbours on our street. The boys had so much fun going door to door to deliver our flowers and of course hand over one of Chase’s Pay It Forward cards. It feels so good to do something nice for others without expecting anything in return and I think it is so important to take the time to let those important to you know how you feel about them.

I’m pretty sure we will have to replenish our supply of Pay It Forward cards because Connor has already been asking what we can do next. 🙂

Hugs,  Carmen


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