Thankful Thursdays – We were “Plumb” Surprised With This!

We would like to begin a weekly feature on our blog that we are going to call “Thankful Thursdays”.  Not only have we been overwhelmed with the response of stories coming in to us regarding the good deeds people have been doing with Chase’s Pay It Forward cards, but we have also had many individuals and businesses in the Good Spirit area make the Pay It Forward decision to show support for the Chase Kraynick Splash Park idea . . . and we are so very thankful for their kindness of heart and generosity of spirit. This story is just the first of many examples of how “Paying it Forward” can snowball rather quickly!

As you all know by now, in September our family decided to use our Pay it Forward card from Chase to build a splash park for our community.  Originally we wanted to go after every grant we were eligible for, enter any competition (like AVIVA) and approach large companies to find the funds to build this park.  Our dream was to go to the Town of Canora and say “Here is $350,000 to build a splash park for our community…We hope you guys enjoy it because you deserve it.”  However, that is not exactly the way this has played out.  Once people started hearing about the splash park, it got people excited and these excited people wanted to get involved.

The first call came from two local plumbers in Canora.  Garrett Frost and Kurtis Krotenko phoned and explained that they were licensed plumbers who worked for Yorkton Plumbing and Heating.  They said that this project would be extremely beneficial to our community and they wanted to “Pay it Forward” by offering to plumb all the water lines for the park . . . for free!!  As the tears began flowing, we were shocked at the goodness of heart from these two people.  Not even a week later, they approached us again to say that their employer, Justin Yawney was interested in being involved as well and would donate labor and materials towards the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park.  It isn’t any wonder that Yorkton Plumbing and Heating has been nominated for the ABEX award.

The people of Canora have always been so good to us and never fail to amaze! And NOW YORKTON!  You are incredible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Little did Garrett, Kurtis, and Justin know, they were the first trades people and business to get on board with the Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” Splash Park project.

We know that you are asking yourself . . . Are there others???  Well . . . yes there are.  Stay tuned for the next “Thankful Thursday” when we will feature another community business or individual from the Good Spirit area to tell you all about how they have decided to make a difference.

Remember the next time you need a great plumber phone Yorkton Plumbing and Heating at 782-4588 or visit their website at:


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – We were “Plumb” Surprised With This!

  1. It does not surprise me that Justin and Yorkton Plumbing and Heating did this! The generosity of this business is astounding and they are constantly contributing to this community. What a wonderful contribution. This is such a beautiful way to keep the memory of Chase alive!

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