Pay It Forward Friday – Miles of Smiles

We know that you have all heard of and participated in Casual Friday’s . . . or for those of us in Saskatchewan many a Friday is considered to be a green and white Rider Pride day.  🙂

Well . . . for some people Friday has taken on a very different meaning.  We have begun hearing from different businesses regarding Good Deed or themed Friday’s that are utilizing the power of kindness and generosity of Chase’s Pay It Forward Card.  Because of this we would like to begin another weekly feature that we are going to call Pay It Forward Friday. This is a feature that will highlight some of the great, kind, and creative acts people have begun to do within their workplace or business – on a Friday – in order to Pay It Forward and make a difference in their communities.

Our first Pay It Forward Friday story brings with it “Miles of Smiles” not only from those of us reading but also from those who were the recipients of this generous Pay It Forward act of kindness.  For the past 4 years, Regina dentist Dr. Tony Romaniuk and  his associate for the past year, Dr. Srdjan Dautbegovic of Enhance Dental Center in Regina, SK, have been participating doctors in an organization called Dentistry Of The Heart.  Once a year, on one very special day, they offer FREE dental services for individuals and families who are unable to afford or do not have dental coverage through their work.

Dentistry from the Heart is a national non-profit organization that was founded in 2001 by a dentist in New Fort Richey, Florida. It was created to assist those in need, including the growing population of uninsured Canadians.  Dr. Romaniuk saw the initial advertisement for the organization in a magazine a few years back and decided that he and his team of dental hygenists, therapists, assistants and receptionist at Enhance Dental Center needed to become difference makers in their community.  After four years of offering this service, this dental center remains the only one to do so in Western Canada.

This years Dentistry Of The Heart took place on Friday October 5, 2012.  They had been gearing up by advertising with a portable sign outside of their dental clinic as well as through the local Regina radio station Z99.  The response this year was overwhelming as individuals began lining up outside of the good Doctors’ office at 4am early Friday morning.  Dentistry services were offered on a first-come-first-served basis as the Enhance Dental Center staff of 14 worked to accommodate as many patients as possible.  They opened their doors at 8am and by the time they closed up shop at 2:30pm, 60 patients had benefited from the FREE dental services.  As a bonus this year the staff also chose to send each of their patients off, not only with a beautiful smile but also with a Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” card  . . . with the hope that this generous act of kindness could continue to be felt by others in the community.  Earlier this week one of the patients from Friday decided to use his Pay It Forward card to surprise the staff with muffins as a thank-you for the great service he had received.  We hope to hear more stories of Pay It Forward goodness from those who received a card on Friday.  Big or small . . . giving or receiving . . . kindness always matters because it makes your heart feel good and certainly puts a smile on your face.

Dr. Romaniuk, Dr. Dautbegovic and their entire staff have found this Pay It Forward act of service to community as one they will continue to support in future years.  Their dedication to the community, generosity of heart and kindness of spirit, we are sure was felt by many last Friday!

It is very clear to us that if you are looking for a dental team with lots of “heart” please visit Enhance Dental Center at 1858 Victoria Avenue E. in Regina, SK or check out their website at:

Thank you to Heather Lefevre, a Registered Dental Therapist at Enhance Dental Center, for sharing this wonderful Pay It Forward story with us.

So . . . to all other businesses and workplaces . . . the challenge has been issued to Pay It Forward on Friday.  Let us know what you decided to do and we will post it in a future Pay It Forward Friday edition of the blog.

Chase Made A Difference . . . What will you do today?  It is after all a Pay It Forward Friday!  🙂


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