Pay It Forward: Every Day Super-Heros

When you think of firefighters what image comes into your mind?  Do you see the pick-axe slinging, ladder-climbing movie stars in the movie Backdraft? Or do you see the strength, bravery, determination, and heart that the job of the small town firefighter demands.  This is what we see and we are so very grateful for this sense of reality and commitment within our community rather than the version depicted on TV.

Did you ever stop to think what would happen if no one volunteered to put out fires or respond to medical emergencies in your community?  Many rural communities rely daily on the men and women who voluntarily give their time to protect property and save lives.  They can be likened to our modern day super-heroes!  And like any good super-hero they do not want to take credit for their hard work . . . but instead find ways to give back to the community.

On Saturday, October 13th, 2012  the Canora and District Fire and Rescue team did exactly that.  They decided to host a pancake breakfast in Canora which was sponsored by Richardson Pioneer.   All proceeds from the pancake breakfast would be donated to the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park.  After feeding over 200 people from our community, Chief Mike Doogan handed over a cheque for $1900.00 to the Town of Canora in support of the community splash park.

We would like to thank these hard working men and women for not only volunteering their time to serve our community but for also continuing to prove that everyday “Super-heros” do exist and really can make a difference.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and your kindness is inspiring.  Thank you for all you do every day.

We would also like to thank Craig Popoff of Canora Photography and Framing in Canora, SK for allowing us permissions to use the professional photo at the top of this blog story.  For more information please go to his website

Chase Made a Difference . . . What will you do today?


One thought on “Pay It Forward: Every Day Super-Heros

  1. As part of our amazing Fire and Rescue Department, I have the absolute privilege to fight fires and go to rescue calls with some of the bravest, self-sacrificing guys ever. Chase’s accident affected us all very much because we were on our way to his call when the very sad news came back that our services would not be able to to help reverse this tragedy. This donation is just the beginning of what our Department will be wanting to put forward for Chase’s Memorial Splash Park. It is the least we can do for Chase’s memory and his family.

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