Thankful Thursday – McTavish Concrete

Our second “Thankful Thursday” features this fantastic crew of good-hearted workers! McTavish Concrete is a company that knows the importance of community spirit and support, and stands behind this belief 100%.  When McTavish Concrete of Yorkton, SK found out about the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park, they chose to get on board immediately.  They have decided to use Chase’s Pay It Forward card to install the entire 3400 square foot concrete pad that this fabulous park in Canora will be built on.

We know that this will not be an easy job, but they are setting an example for everyone in demonstrating that when we use our talents and skills to help others, the whole community becomes enriched.  Thank you guys for your expertise, inspiration, hard work and dedication to make a difference in our community!

McTavish Concrete is Yorkton and area’s go-to contractors for traditional and decorative concrete flatwork. If you’re looking for exceptional workmanship at a fair price, then McTavish Concrete is the company for you.  Please check out their website at and next time you see these genuinely good-hearted fellows please thank them for making a difference.


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