Pay It Forward Friday – All 1160 lbs. Of It

Last week the staff and students of McLurg School in Regina, Saskatchewan undertook a challenge that involved every single person in the building.  The schools Student Activity Council (SAC) headed by teacher supervisor Ms. Lisa Mann decided to participate in the collection of food for the annual Farm Credit Corporation (FCC) Drive Away Hunger Campaign in support of the Regina and District Food Bank.  This was a project that the students on the SAC chose to participate in because it would help to make a difference in their own community. Since all those who donated food were paying it forward for someone else in the city the SAC decided to attach Chase’s Pay It Forward cards to each of the donation bags in the hopes that the Pay It Forward philosophy would continue.

So on Friday morning . . . when members of FCC and the Regina and District Food Bank pulled up in front of the school with their tractor and trailer to collect all the donated food, there were many bags to weigh all with a special card attached for some unknowing recipient who would be given the food.  The final total weight of food collected by the staff and students at McLurg School was 1160 pounds.  WOW!!

Great Job McLurg School!  Thanks for sharing your story.  We are proud of your efforts.  We also look forward to the stories that may come from those who have received these Pay It Forward cards.

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You??


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