Pay It Forward – Every Little Bit Counts

The community of Canora has truly embraced and fully support the idea of the Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” Splash Park to be built in their town.  Our blog has highlighted many different business and individuals from the area who have chosen to support in many ways.  We are firm believers in that where they are strong, supportive, caring adults you will find children with the same qualities and characteristics of both mind and heart.  Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from Canora resident Brooke Kowalyshyn.  She shares how her two sons and nephew are learning to Pay It Forward.

Riley, Rhett and Lucas have been thinking of ways to use their “Pay It Forward” cards.  For a while now they’ve been saving up all their cans and bottles to take in for recycling. After their aunt and uncle got married last month, the 3 boys were told that they were able to keep all the bottles and cans from the wedding…and there were alot!!! At that time they thought they had literally hit the “JACKPOT”!

They were pretty sure that they would use all the money they collected to buy any toy or game they wanted. But then they stopped and realized that not only do they have plenty of toys but this might be the perfect way to Pay It Forward.  Instead of keeping the portion of the money they received from turning in all their bottles & cans, they decided to put their money towards the Splash Park.

“Every little bit counts”, they said.

They were so proud of the decision they made! It’s so wonderful to see so many people trying to make a difference in our community.



We are also so very proud of you boys! It is clear to see that the Pay It Forward spirit has hit all age groups in this Saskatchewan town.

Chase Made a Difference . . . What Will You Do Today?


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