In Search of The Great Pumpkin Carvings

This time of year brings with it fond memories of home made Hallowe’en costumes, costume parades, and school classroom parties that had an abundance of egg salad sandwiches and popcorn balls.  Trick or treating was especially exciting when you found a dime or two at the bottom of your pillow case and the wagon wheels did not get crushed by the weight of apples and oranges that were dropped into the bag.  Mini-chocolate bars were about 4 times bigger than they are now and bobbing for apples was a fun party activity.  Another fond memory is of course watching the yearly Charlie Brown TV special and carving pumpkins together with your family.

We know that many families have pumpkin carving traditions that involve everything from face drawing contests, family voting for the best face to carve, seed roasting, carving multiple pumpkins, and of course pie making.  We would like to think that the newest tradition many of you are now a part of, is carving a pumpkin from Chase and Cooper’s Pumpkin patch.  After we received this photo from Marsha Barteski-Hoberg, showing how her family chose to remember Chase by carving a “CK” into their family pumpkin last year, we thought it might be an interesting challenge to see what happened to the pumpkins that were so popular at our “Pumpkins For The Park” day in late September.  I guess you could call it a Pumpkins From The Park reunion.  🙂

So . . . we are making an all call to everyone who has a pumpkin just sitting at home ready to carve.  We are asking you to send us your creative carving photo so that we can post them all in the blog on Hallowe’en Day – October 31st, 2012.  Beginning today, you have one week to sharpen up your carving knives, draw out your templates, and put your creative juices to the test.  Your pumpkin can be scary, funny, traditional, or just about whatever your creative minds can muster.

The deadline for photo submissions will be 8pm on Tuesday October 30, 2012.

You can email your pumpkin carving photos to or Please include your name and where you are from with your photo submission.  We look forward to seeing all of those pumpkins from the park!  Happy carving!!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


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