Thankful Thursday – Ludba Construction, Ltd.

Thinking about the magnitude of this Splash Park project, “overwhelm” is a word that instantly comes to mind.  When we first began looking into this there were many variables involved that we really had no idea about where to even start.  We have since come to realize that relying on the knowledge and expertise of many others who are kindly donating their time and resources to supporting this project in our community, is very necessary.

Robin Ludba of Ludba Construction, Ltd. in Canora, SK has the know-how and expertise to help us with the first steps of this project and has chosen to use his Pay It Forward card in support of our Chase.  Robin is a family-oriented man who understands the importance and benefits that a Splash Park would have . . . not only on the families within our community but also from the perspective that our family has regarding the healing process that we are on in preserving the memory of Chase.   Robin has been quoted as saying he is “honoured  to support the Splash project in Canora” and we are truly honoured to have him play an integral role in this journey with us.  He will be the key man in charge of excavating the Splash Park site, supplying the gravel, and prepping the area for all the other construction steps that will be necessary in the build.

Robin . . . words cannot express the thanks and appreciation that we feel for you as a business man, community supporter, and most of all as a family friend.

If you are looking for an Excavating Contractor with quality workmanship and a lot of heart we would highly recommend that you phone Robin Ludba at 563-6431 or stop by Ludba Construction, Ltd.on Norway Road N. in Canora, SK.


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