Pay It Forward – A Birthday Wish

When you think of a Birthday Party what do you envision?  Well, the most common responses include cake, balloons, party games, streamers, smiling children, candles, and gifts.  Today’s Pay It Forward story has all of these elements present except one – the gifts.  And for any ordinary 8-year-old that might be a really big deal, but this is a story about an extraordinary young lady who came up with an idea for her party that gives new meaning to the idea of giving gifts.  Thanks to the Woloshyn family for sharing their story with us.

Several weeks ago it was time to start planning Bree’s 8th Birthday party. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she thought about it for several minutes and couldn’t come up with any ideas on what she wanted or needed for her birthday. I told her to think about it for a day and then maybe she would think of something. Well the next day again she still couldn’t think of anything so I asked her what she would think of not accepting any gifts from her friends and asking them to donate money in the amount of what they would spend on a gift. Bree thought about it for a minute and said YES, let’s do it. I asked her where she would like to donate the money to and she immediately picked something near and dear to her heart, as well as to everyone else in our community . . . The Chase Kraynick Splash Park.

So the invitations went out and on Sat. Oct.13, Bree and 8 of her friends went out to the Corn Maze fields in Canora to enjoy the afternoon and when it was time to “open the gifts” all the kids crowded around to watch Bree open the envelopes of money that her friends and their parents had generously donated. It was heartwarming to hear the chatter about them being excited about the splash park and how they can’t wait to play in it and then to listen to their stories and memories of Chase. In the end, Bree collected $310.00 which is all going to The Chase Kraynick Memorial Splash Park.

Thank you for reminding us what is truly important in life and I know that as a family we will continue to find many moments where we can “Pay it Forward”.


The Woloshyn Family

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


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