Pay It Forward – Inspired To Act

Inspiration to make a difference can come from many sources.  We firmly believe that teachers all over this world have a huge impact on the students they work with daily.  The role that they play in the classroom as models, facilitators, teachers, guides, and learners themselves is critical to the development of all children.  As Rhonda Bailey shares with us, Chase’s made an impact on one of her students that caused action to be taken the only way she knew how.

I am a Kindergarten teacher in Yorkton, SK and I teach at St. Michael’s School.  I have had the great opportunity to do presentations to the students in several classrooms explaining who Chase was and how students could begin using the Pay It Forward cards. After I did a presentation for the Grade 7 class, a girl from the class, Juannic, went out canvassing that night for Chase’s splash park. She came to me the next day in my classroom and gave me $65.05 to donate to the Kraynick family in their effort to get the splash park built! She said that she will continue to go out and give people Chase’s Pay It Forward Card. She was inspired by his motivation to want to make a difference and wanted to do the same! I am so proud of these young kids and the efforts that they are making to do generous deeds for others.


Rhonda Bailey

What a kind and generous gesture, Juannic.  We hope that you feel very proud of yourself for taking action to help make a change.  Thank-you for sharing this story with us Rhonda!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


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