Pay It Forward – The Yorkton Regional High School Way

Learning Success Today, Leading Success Tomorrow

The Yorkton Regional High School launched a “Pay it Forward” campaign during Education Week, October 15 – 19, which proved to be very fruitful.  The initiative was meant to have all students partake in at least three random acts of kindness throughout the week, and in so doing, expect nothing in return but allow the recipient to understand the concept of “Paying it Forward” and pass on a Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward card.

The week was challenging, but we stretched our imaginations and comfort zones to extreme levels. Each morning we met in our RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) Advisory groups to discuss the random acts of kindness that individuals had been performing and possibilities that the group may get involved with.

We had some amazing activities take place from simple small acts of kindness to some very global acts of kindness.

Ms. Berscheid’s RCR group summed it up best by determining that “Small things count too!”  Her students, along with many other groups, told stories about opening doors for the elderly, paying others’ complements, striking up a conversation with someone in school that they did not yet know, baking birthday cupcakes, picking up dropped books, providing rides, smiling at a stranger, writing anonymous notes of appreciation, copying notes for someone who is ill, packing groceries and performing many more little acts of kindness that most likely had an impact on another person’s day.

There were some larger based community projects that also took place with the YRHS RCR groups.  All of these projects will be highlighted as stories on the blog in the coming days.

We had some provincial initiatives take place, whereby an RCR group followed Maranda’s rainbow wishes by coloring her some rainbows to help cheer her. More information on this initiative can be found at .  Our SADD group bought roses and left them for the cleaning staff at a hotel they recently stayed at in the province.

Some YRHS students also got involved with some very global activities.  In collaboration with our SRC, we are collecting pennies to help purchase clean water in Africa – we extend this to the community, if you are looking to get rid of your pennies, they could be dropped off at the YRHS main office for the Water in Africa project.  Another RCR group bought two hens and a rooster for a family in Africa through World Vision Christmas Catalogue so they can start their own egg and chicken business.  Finally, several groups worked on “Operation Christmas Child” through Samaritan’s Purse, whereby they filled “Shoeboxes” of gifts for needy children in third world countries.

The generous donations of goodies and donuts throughout our school last week was very much appreciated. Many people were buying donuts for individuals or small groups of people, one group made cookies and delivered them throughout the school and there were many, many cups of coffee “paid forward” throughout the week.

Throughout the week, I think one could reflect and definitely say we were “Learning Success Today” and one hopes that these sorts of random acts will continue in the future to be a part of “Leading Success Tomorrow”. At the end of the week, the RCR members were becoming more comfortable with each other and were creating spirit and comradery amidst their own group.  The RCR groups understood the importance of doing something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return.

Students were given their “Pay it Forward” bracelet at the end of the week.  Should you receive one, it simply means someone has performed a random act of kindness for you, and they want nothing in return except for you to Pay it Forward.

Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone, make a difference and do something kind for somebody else!

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?

Story submitted by:

Mrs. Johnna McBride – Yorkton Regional High School Vice-Principal


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