Pay It Forward – YRHS Food Drive

As you read in yesterday’s blog the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High School had taken on the Chase Kraynick Pay It Forward Challenge as a part of their October Education Week activities.  For the next couple of weeks we will be highlighting stories of Random Acts of Kindness that members of this school community have chosen to take on to make their city a better place for others.  Thank you to Mrs. J. McBride, Vice-Principal of Yorkton Regional High School for submitting this and other stories to come. 

Story #1 from Yorkton Regional High School

On the first day of “Pay it Forward” week, our group brainstormed ideas of things we might be able to accomplish during the week. The idea of non-perishable food items was generated by one of the RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) members. I procured a few boxes and added our idea to YRHS daily announcements. Each day the students added items to the boxes.  Other RCR groups joined in to our food donation boxes, some provided a cash donation.  The three boxes of food, along with the cash, were delivered to the Soup Haven on Friday.  The Soup Have in a registere, non-profit, non-denominational charity, operating in  Yorkton, SK.  They were most appreciative and very impressed with the Yorkton Regional High School Pay it Forward campaign.

Chase Made A Difference . . . What Will You Do?


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