Pay It Forward – YHRS Sticky Notes of Kindness


Story #2 from Yorkton Regional High School

Our RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) Advisory group was trying to think of an activity that could be done by our entire group, that required no money.  We were finding it hard to organize a group to perform a random act of kindness after school.  One day, as I came down the hallway I saw a locker that was done up for a birthday. This is something that the students typically do for their friends-wrapping paper, balloons, and leaving notes on the locker.

This prompted an idea and I suggested we put encouraging sticky notes on 50 random lockers and explained where I got the idea from and how neat it is for for a kid to come to school and have their locker all done up for no reason other than it is their birthday.  One student thought we should leave sticky notes for the Alternative Education Students. From there, another student suggested we do all 700 lockers in the school. That was it!  I spoke with office staff as to how many lockers there were in the entire school and the answer was actually double the amount … 1400 lockers.

Each student in my RCR group got a pack of 100 sticky notes, and we got busy.  We gave a few suggestions as to some simple sayings they could write down, they wrote on sticky notes during  our RCR time as we discussed our individual kind acts.

Thursday after school Ms. Anderson, Ms. Greensides, and a couple of students put all 1400 stickies on all the lockers. That is how it all happened. My students felt good seeing the stickies on people’s shirts, collected on lockers, and they heard people saying it was “cool”. They knew that students got a smile first thing on Friday morning.

Story submitted by:  Miss Priya Pandit – English, AP English and RTI Teacher

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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