Thankful Thursday – Oodles of Tires

An amazingly cool project happened this past weekend that I was privileged to be a part of and am excited to tell you all about!  The River Ridge branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation came up with a “green” idea which involved paying it forward in more ways than one!

Ten miles north of Canora lies a gravel pit, which was at one time used as a waste collection site and dumping grounds for old tires.  Over the course of several decades, thousands of tires were thrown into the pit because there was no such thing as recycling centers at that time.  Not only did an enormous amount of tires collect in this pit over time, but so did scrap metal and other household garbage.

Well in an effort to clean up the environment, the River Ridge Club organized their members to sort all the tires and pick the scrap metal and clean up the household garbage ALL WEEK LONG!!!!    How AMAZING IS THAT!  The tires were sorted according to size and the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation sent several semis to pick up the tires and paid the club for the tires according to size.

After an amazing 5077 tires were organized, sorted, and turned in . . . a whopping $6464.50 was collected.

Not only did they clean up the environment, but they decided to donate all proceeds from the tire collection to the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park.  Numerous volunteers worked for hours pulling frozen tires, piling scrap metal and cleaning up all the garbage for the club, for the environment, and for the Splash Park.  This was a win-win situation for everyone involved.  It was dirty work but all well worth it! It felt so good to be involved in a project that had a huge impact for so many people, in so many ways!  Thank you to all who volunteered your time to making a real difference!

A special thank you goes out to Doug and Debbie Lapitsky, Hal and Kathy Thomas and Robin and Rhetta Ludba for organizing the bobcats, pay loaders, trailers, meals and steel and garbage disposal collection bins for the project.  Also special thanks to Louis Zavislak, Kevin Lapitsky, Don Kraynick, Yvonne Strocen, Lori Betge, Damon and Naomi Paley, Vivian Morgan, Wayne and Brooklyn Tratch, Rob Brice, Chris Danyluk and Shane Kraynick for helping sort all the tires. Everyone involved in this “pay it forward” has a lot to be proud of!

From Left to Right: Rachel Kraynick, Rhetta Ludba, Clint Kraynick, Deb Lapitsky, Louis Zawislak, Kevin Lapitsky, Doug Lapitsky, Shane Kraynick, Robin Ludba, Hal Thomas, Yvonne Strocen, Lori Betge

The River Ridge club is very passionate about keeping a green and clean environment and we are proud be a member of their club.  If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a member of this fantastic River Ridge club, please contact Kathy Thomas at 563-6379.

Chase Made A Difference . . . What Will You Do?

Submitted by Rachel Kraynick – Chase’s mom


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