Pay It Forward – YRHS Beauty is C2BK

In our continued feature from the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High School, we find out that it is Cool to Be Kind otherwise known as C2BK!  Our story today comes to us from Cosmetology and PAA Teacher, Carmella Kirschman Lutz.  Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Story #3 from Yorkton Regional High School

One day last week, my Cosmetology 20 class got to talking about our school’s “Pay it Forward” campaign!  It started with a student bringing me a cup of coffee and then I got her “Chase – Pay it Forward” card.  So I thought it would be nice to, of course, Pay it Forward with a Random Act of Kindness.  I started sharing all of the things I could think of and the students got excited too. One thing led to another and WE ALL got on board to make a “Beauty and Hygiene” Basket to donate to someone.

We decided on giving the basket to the women in need at Shelwin House – a local temporary house for battered and abused women. The students continued to bring items throughout the week.  A representative from Shelwin House came and received our Basket of Beauty Kindness! Many of the women that use Shelwin House leave their homes in search for safety and with that leave many items behind as well. We thought that Shelwin House could use these items as they see fit to warm the hearts of these women and in some cases children who use their services.

It’s C2BK!

Chase Made A Difference . . . What Will You Do?


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