Pay It Forward – A Tip from YRHS

Story #4 from Yorkton Regional High School comes to us in the form of a tip.  Thanks to Ms. J. Ingham – Math Teacher and Student Services Counsellor at YRHS for sharing this story.  Go Raiders!!

As part of the “Pay it Forward” Campaign that we did at Yorkton Regional High School, the YRHS Raider Cheerleaders handed out “Chase – Pay It Forward” cards instead of accepting any tips at the Coat Check. The idea was that each person who checked their coat would receive a card, which they in turn would use to do something kind for someone else, thus passing on the card.  When it was announced to the large crowd, applause rippled throughout the audience.

We would like to think that the applause warmed the hearts of all those in attendance as well and will remind them of the importance of being kind.  Great job YRHS Cheerleaders!

Chase Made A Difference . . . What Will You Do?


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