“Donut” Forget to Pay It Forward . . . Reminds YRHS

Story # 5 from Yorkton Regional High School comes to us from Math Teacher and Student Services Counsellor, Jen Ingham.  She explains to us how students can show their appreciation for others in their own community in a way that says, “donut” forget about kindness and generosity.  

Our RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders)  Advisory group decided to deliver donuts on a Friday afternoon to a business in Yorkton for our Pay it Forward Campaign. We wanted to treat a business who helps the community, but doesn’t always get recognized for the work they do. We chose the City of Yorkton because of their recent efforts with the skate park and the bike lanes – two initiatives that were designed to help the youth of Yorkton. We delivered the donuts for them to enjoy during their afternoon coffee break and left a YRHS thank you card that asked them to pay it forward with “Chase’s Pay it Forward” card.

This is one sweet reminder of a Pay It Forward challenge that we hope Yorkton City Hall employees will take to heart.  We look forward to hearing about how they chose to use their cards to Pay It Forward!  Great way to connect with the community Raiders!

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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