Pay It Forward – YRHS Music Fills My Soul

One of the most common leadership styles in recent literature is “to live and lead by example”.  As adults in our communities, children and students of all ages and grades look for positive models and examples of how to live their own lives and deal with specific situations.  As Johnna McBride – Vice-Principal of YRHS shares with us, the adults in a building set an example for all others to follow.  Story #6 from Yorkton Regional High School illustrates just that . . . as YHRS staff members give of their time and talents.

Last week, a group of six YRHS staff members went out to the Bentley Senior Housing Unit to spend a little over an hour of their time in sharing songs.  With three guitar players, one double bass player and 4 – 5 vocalists, we set out to entertain 44 residents with our “Oldies, but Goldies” theme sing along! 

Starting with “You Are My Sunshine”, and continuing with songs such as “Danny Boy”, “The Tennessee Waltz”, “The John B. Sails”, “King of the Road”, “Side by Side”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Little Brown Church in the Vale”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “In the Garden”.  The residents were singing along, tapping their toes and clapping to the rhythm of the songs.  At the end of the evening, many were asking if we could come back again another night.  We have talked about perhaps returning at Christmas Time.

We are sure that a return visit is in your future as the company and entertainment provided that evening would have filled the hearts and souls of many a Bently resident.  Thank you YRHS staff members for setting a positive example of how to make a difference in your own community.

Chase Made A Difference . . . What Will You Do Today?


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