Pay It Forward – YRHS Students Setting The Example

Our last and final story from the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High school takes into account the importance of putting students in leadership roles and setting the example for a younger generation.  The YRHS school motto includes the phrase “A Family of Raiders”.  That is what families are all about . . . helping one another out to provide support, kindness of spirit, and a sense of responsibility to and for each other.  We are so very proud of all your efforts YRHS!!  As Math and Band teacher, Mark Zawerucha shares with us it is all about students helping students.

Our RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) Advisory group decided that we would like to help other students. I gave Mr. Teneyke from Columbia School a call and told him that we would be at his school on Friday morning for half an hour. I asked him if there was anything he needed help with in and around the school. He mentioned that there was some garbage that needed to be picked on the school grounds. On Friday at 8:30, we met at Columbia and picked garbage until about 9:05AM. We were met with a lot of smiles and thank you’s for our kind gesture. We even had some Elementary students start to help us clean up as well.  In closing, I would have to say our enthusiasm to help clean up Columbia School was contagious and we hope we have set a good example for future Raiders coming to us from Columbia School.

To all the students and staff of YRHS . . . we thank you so much for sharing with us all of your Pay It Forward stories.  We truly do hope that the Pay It Forward challenge your students decided to take on will continue for years to come!
Chase Made A Difference . . . and so did the staff and students of Yorkton Regional High School . . . Will You?

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