Pay It Forward – Lucien’s Story

We know that Chase’s story has affected many different people from across the province and country and every single story touches our hearts.  This one comes to us from close to home with a similar theme that we absolutely love.  Lucien attended daycare with both Chase and Cooper, so to us the power of kindness amongst the  children in the world is truly evident!  Thanks to Lucien’s mom, Elly Luijke-Carlson for sharing this story with us today.


For the last couple of years my husband Mark has been planting pumpkins for Lucien in our garden.  And every year, we give most of them away to family, friends, daycare and whoever would like one.  This year, we even planted a couple of variaties; Giant, Jack-o-lantern and regular ones.

After hearing about the Chase Kraynick Splash Park and the “Pumpkins for the Park” event on Sept 29, we still decided to give our pumpkins to whoever wanted one. . . . but this time we would take a donation if people were willing to pay for them.

We collected $160 for the Chase Kraynick Splash Park.

Have an absolutely fabulous day!

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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