Gearing Up for AVIVA Semi-Finals in Yorkton’s Santa Clause Parade

This year Yorkton’s Santa Clause parade was held on Saturday, November 24, 2012 and they had 24 floats entered into the parade.  We could not pass up the opportunity of entering into the festive activities, so we of course entered a float for the AVIVA COMMUNITY FUND competition for Canora’s Chase Kraynick “Pay it forward” Splash Park.  We decorated our float with as much blue and yellow decorations as we could find (which are the AVIVA colors) and had as many Christmas lights hanging off the float as we could muster.

Instead of handing out candy to all the spectators, we passed out Chase’s Pay It Forward cards and the AVIVA silicone wrist bands reminding everyone to start voting for the AVIVA COMPETITION SEMI-FINALS on December 3rd! We are competing against 30 other projects and need your support to get to the final 10 in the judging round.

I would like to thank everyone for helping us in decorating the float, the walkers for passing out all the wrist bands and Pay It Forward cards and, of course, all of the fabulous spectators for cheering us on in support of the project.  The Yorkton parade was a tonne of fun and if you happened to miss it, you can look forward to our float being entered into the “Canora Winter Lights Festival Parade” on December 6th!

Please don’t forget to start voting on December 3rd, by registering on line at and voting for Project #13447.

Chase Made A Difference…Will You?


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