Walker Projects in Regina Pays It Forward

Walker Projects Century West is a professional engineering company in Regina that was hired to draft the blueprints for the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash park.  They have been providing professional engineering services to the Town of Canora for years and when they heard about our project they decided that they wanted to make a difference by giving back to the communities that support them.

Staff member Jennifer Soos stated that when they heard of our project, they decided that it would be a great opportunity to help out not only a client, but a community where one of their own (Jasmine Dennis) has grown up.  They felt that it was their way to help keep one special boy’s dream alive.

They soon found themselves organizing a bottle drive with their social committee and decided that all the proceeds would be donated to the Town of Canora for the splash park.  Social committee members completed the bottle drive over the noon hour and other staff members wanted to make personal contributions.  Walker Civil was so proud of their staff that they found themselves matching dollar for dollar all the employees’ hard work.

In the end, a cheque in the amount of $1114.03 was sent to the Town of Canora for making this project a reality.

Way to kick off the season of giving! Thank you to all the staff at Walker Projects Century West for making a difference in our community and for giving your time and energy to make our dream a reality!

Walker projects would like to take this opportunity to challenge all other business to pay it forward for a charity of their choice and to make a difference in someone’s community today.  This is the true essence of the Pay It Forward spirit!!

To visit Walker Projects Century West website please go to: http://epec-consulting.com/home

Chase Made A Difference… Will You?


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