A Deserving Family and a Surprise of a Lifetime!

WOW is all we have to say after reading today’s Pay It Forward story that was  submitted by Michelle Jerred of Whitewood, SK.  Cole and Michelle, you are amazing people who have done something for amazing people!

So I have a quick little story for you about my best friend who lives in Winnipeg. Her and her husband haven’t been able to have kids of their own. About 3 years ago they decided to be foster parents. They took in a little 2 year old girl with fetal alcohol syndrome and just fell in love with her. They now have 4 foster kids and dedicate their lives to them. The ages now are 9, 5, 1, and a 1 month old. My friend is a stay at home mom for these kids and her husband is a Teacher’s Aid but goes to school in the evenings and weekends to get his degree in education in hopes of becoming a teacher.

I recently went to visit them and they just amazed me with how they “Pay it Forward” everyday by giving these kids the best home. They bought a bigger house in Winnipeg just so they can take in more foster kids in the future. Their finances are tight and can only afford one vehicle at this time.  My friend appeared exhausted with driving her husband to and from work and school, dropping kids off and picking them up from school all the while trying to take care of 2 babies. She would never complain though. Her heart, like Chases’, is made of pure gold.

I told Cole about it when I got home and he decided that as his “Pay it Forward” he would buy them a second vehicle. We just got the van today and have not told my friend and her husband about it yet. Their story really warms my heart and they’ve inspired us to Pay It Forward in memory of Chase.  This was for an amazing couple in Winnipeg who made such a difference in the world for four little people.

Cole and Michelle
Cole Raiwet and Michelle and Ava Jerred


Thank you Michelle for sharing your story.  We know that your generosity will make a huge impact on a family that demonstrates such love and dedication for others in need.

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You??


6 thoughts on “A Deserving Family and a Surprise of a Lifetime!

  1. What a heart-warming story Michelle! Knowing there are such good people in the world around me fills me with great hope. I can only imagine the look on their faces when they find out what you’ve done for them! What an amazing way to honour Chase and this Pay it Forward movement.

  2. Michelle & Cole you two amazes me, You are such an inspiration to everyone… This World Needs More People Like You Guys.. You Rock !!!

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