Pay It Forward Friday: A Chain of Generosity Hits Yorkton

The City of Yorkton have been wonderful supporters of the “Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park”, but they have also been demonstrating the kindness and generosity that we want to promote in memory of Chase.

DebbieToday’s story comes from the Yorkton Coop Gas Station.  Debbie Sweeney is one of the hard working and dedicated employees that work at the Coop Station.  Several months ago, Debbie had requested some of Chase’s “Pay it Forward” Cards from me, indicating that she wanted to display them at the registers in the store.   Not only did Debbie want to display them, but she wanted to use them.

Debbie is often in charge of fueling up all the vehicles at the pumps.  One day a large SUV pulled in and asked her to “fill it up.”  For those of you who drive these vehicles, you know how big their tanks are!!!  After Debbie finished fueling the vehicle, washing the windows and asking if they needed their oil checked, she handed them a Pay it Forward Card and told them that the gas was being paid by her that day!!!!

payingforgroceriesJUST WAIT….THE STORY DOES NOT END HERE!!!!!  The lady driving the monstrous SUV was not only deeply moved by Debbie’s act of generosity, but she too wanted to pay it forward.  The lady later told Debbie that on that she continued on to Superstore where she not only bought HER groceries, but she paid for the customers groceries that were in line behind her.  She too passed on Chase’s Pay it Forward Card.

Our hope is that one day one of us will receive one of Chase’s tattered Pay it Forward Cards that have passed through the hands of several kind and generous folks.

Thank you Debbie for your generosity and kind heart!  We are so touched by the way people are finding ways to help one another and build on Chase’s legacy of “Paying it Forward”.

To find out more about the Yorkton Coop please visit:

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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