You Matter!

You Matter!  I Matter!  We ALL Matter!  But, sometimes we don’t feel like we do or that  what we do really makes a difference.  We don’t wear a sign around our neck that tells others to look at us and notice what we do.

In today’s video, Angela Maiers makes the case that two little words can change the world.  YOU MATTER!  Grab a cup of tea and blanket to enjoy today’s video as you ponder the following:

Who will you look at today to ensure that they know they matter in this world?  What will you notice about them and then how will you tell them that what you noticed mattered?  What will you say?  How will you say it?  What will you do to make a difference in this world today?

Chase Made a Difference . . . Will You?


One thought on “You Matter!

  1. Shawna,

    I am so honored and thrilled to have found you and to learn about Chase. His life is not only a testament to essence of this message; he is a reminder to us all of our responsibility and opportunity to cherish one another.

    His love and passion will continue to change lives every action forward.

    You Matter, and bless you for everything you are doing. If I can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    Much Love,

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