A Christmas Wish


Take a moment and think about what makes the holiday season important and special to you. The Grinch may have been onto something when he pondered …  “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”

What does Christmas mean to you, your family, your friends? What would you wish for that wasn’t for a material possession?

Take another moment to think about what your best Christmas Wish ever might be for your child(ren), your spouse, your family, your friends and loved ones, the planet and even complete strangers you encounter on a daily basis.

Once you’ve found your Best Christmas Wish Ever, take the time to share your wishes with others. Then take a look at some ways to make the Best Christmas Wish come true for someone else.  Pay It Forward today!!

Here’s hoping that your Best Christmas Wish ever comes true this year.

“A Wish for You”

If there could be only one thing in life for me to teach you, I would teach you to love …

To respect others so that you may
find respect in yourself.
To learn the value of giving,
so that if ever there comes a time
in your life that someone really needs,
you will give.

To act in a manner that you would wish
to be treated, to be proud of yourself.
To laugh and smile as much as you can,
in order to help bring joy back to the world.
To have faith in others,
to be understanding…

To stand tall in this world and
to learn to depend on yourself.
To only take from this earth those
things which you really need,
so there will be enough for others.

To not depend on money or material
things for your happiness, but
To learn to appreciate the people
who love you, the simple beauty
that God gave you and to find
peace and security within yourself.

 I hope I have done and
taught all of these things to others around me,
for they are love.

~Source Unknown~

My Grown Up Christmas List

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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