Pay It Forward – Filling Shoeboxes With Love

Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from St. Michael’s School in Yorkton, Saskatchwan.  As Kindergarten teacher Rhonda Bailey explains, Paying It Forward is something that can be done by children of all ages.  This is a story that once again helps to strengthen our belief in the power of kindness and generosity for all … by any one … of any age.  Thanks to the Kindergarten students in Rhonda Bailey’s classroom for sharing their story with us.  We are very proud of you all!!
IMG_8756 IMG_8757 As a Pay It Forward act of generosity, and since our schools theme this year is Generosity, I decided to take on a Christmas Project with my Kindergarten class that involved the kind act of giving.
By utilizing a popular organization, I decided that Operation Christmas Child was my calling.
Through stories of Chase told by me throughout the past months, my 35 students and I decided to donate items to children less fortunate than us. My goal was to pack 35 boxes (1 per child) and send them away with Chases Pay It Forward Card attached to each box.
It was amazing to see the kids get so excited when they brought items to school! They were so happy, it was as though they were opening presents, instead of packing ones to give away! Each day we talk about generosity, the impact it makes, and the way it makes us  others feel.
I am so proud of my kindergarten students, their families, and the generosity they have shown this year. My students will bring up Chases’ name out of the blue, especially during our prayer time, and discuss how we should help other people in need and why it is so important to go out of your way to be nice to others, even if they are having a bad day. You never know how a smile or a kind gesture can brighten someones day!
I am proud to Pay It Forward!
Rhonda Bailey
Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?

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