Pay It Forward – A Morning Drive

Today’s Pay It Forward story comes to us from an wonderfully kindhearted person who wishes to remain anonymous.  We respect you privacy and salut your thoughtfulness in doing so.  The act of paying it forward with no sense of recognition for said act is truly what the Pay It Forward philosophy is all about.  We thank you for sharing your story and know that what you have chosen to do certainly did make a difference in someone’s life.

One morning I was driving along and something caught my eye.  There was a young boy walking very slowly through the deep snow. But something wasn’t quite right…I looked down at his feet and it didn’t look like his boots were on properly.  My first thought was to stop and talk to him and see if there was anything I could do.  So I drove up beside him and rolled down the window and said, “Hey buddy, do your boots fit you okay?” He looked up at me with an embarrassed look on his little face and said “No, they’re fine” as he wiggled his feet trying to squeeze them into his boots the best he could.  As I looked closer it appeared that just over half of his feet were inside the boots. So I told him that I would take him to the store to buy him a new pair and that I didn’t expect anything in return.  He insisted he was okay so I drove away.

As the day went on I was really bothered by what I saw in that morning.  I kept thinking…”That poor little boy did not even have boots that fit his feet properly.  I have tubs full of shoes/boots that my kids have worn once or twice because I found nicer ones for them to wear…what a shame.”

After I kept having these heart-breaking thoughts I decided to phone the Elementary school and investigate…who is this little boy? what size are his feet? I just wanted to help him any way I could, whether I had a pair of boots for him in one of the tubs at home or if I had to run to the store and buy him some.

I ended up finding him some boots and in return I received a heart-warming thank-you note. I’m sure for the little boy, it felt good to receive new boots….but not as good as it felt to give them:)


Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


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