Happy New Year 2013!


New Year’s Resolutions – we all make them, however do we keep them?  I believe that everyday should be a day to do something outstanding … something you have never done before. We should always try our best to be nice to others.  We should treat ourselves with the same kindness and respect that we treat others with.  However sometimes this is harder said than done.  Making a change is a chain reaction that requires focus, practice and commitment and it, of course, takes time and much reflection.   One of my favourite quotes that I have often used with my students to help demonstrate this is:

“Your thoughts lead to words,
Your words lead to actions,
Your actions lead to habits,
Your habits become your character, and
Your character changes your destiny.”

Stop for a moment and really think about the process we must go though to make and create our destiny.  Re-read the quote and reflect upon where you might place yourself in this process.

This year I have decided that I will put a daily intention or list of items out there for me to follow.  I would like to think that I could one-by-one check them off, and bring about 2013 in a way that is rewarding, and fulfilling for myself as well as those I come in contact with.  I am also realistic in the sense that finding something new to do every day may not be doable for me … so … I may need to practice some of these for a few days or weeks to ensure that they are more than just thoughts, words, and actions.  I truly want them to become habit.  After all, we do live by example … and the example I wish to set for my children is one of a strong character truly making a positive change regarding my destiny … and inadvertently theirs.   The best compliments I ever receive are when others take my advice, use me as a role model, or even borrow my ideas and call or use them as their own.

Since beginning this writing journey in August, I have come across many different blogs and websites that have highlighted a daily commitment made by the author to do an act of kindness or a Pay It Forward deed every day, all year long.  It is interesting to read some of these wonderful stories and learn more about the decisions made by those who have chosen to make their world a bit brighter for those around them.  I would like to share one such journey with you today.

One year ago today Ryan Garcia from Chicago, Illinois began a blog he called 366 Random Acts Of Kindness.   His very first blog posting began with the following words

Committ RAK “So tomorrow the journey begins. My daughter is 3 months old. She is starting to become more and more aware of her surroundings every single day. As of now, she doesn’t have a worry in the world and I intend to keep it that way. I also want her to appreciate what she has and strive to give back to those around her. There are a ton of people out there who have worries both big and small. I know I can’t solve every problem for every person, but I am going to try to do my part. Starting tomorrow, I am embarking on a journey to make people’s lives better. 2012 consists of 366 days (unless the Mayans are right, then this is all for naught). Each one of those 366 days, I will do a random act of kindness for a stranger, friend or family member. I will document each act on here at http://www.366randomacts.org

Thank you Ryan and the many others out there who have chosen to take on this daily challenge in making your destiny one that made a difference for others to remember.

If you are in need of a Pay It Forward idea or two, check out what Ryan has been up to this past year.  And should you decide to begin a daily challenge of your own we would love to hear all about it.

Happy New Year everyone and please think about how you can Pay It Forward for someone in need today.

Chase Made A Difference . . . We Know That You Can Too!


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