Pay it Forward – Madeline and Maren Make A Difference

We have had an overwhelming response from creative parents who are wishing to change the idea of what giving birthday party gifts is all about.  The philosophy is a lesson for all children attending the party, in that the idea of giving is one that will be of benefit for someone else and is not for any personal gain.  What makes these stories and lessons even more powerful is that these children and their parents have chosen local causes and organizations to support.  When children can see and feel they are a part of making a difference … they become empowered with the Pay It Forward idea even more.  Today’s story is one that will warm your heart . . . and as we begin a new year it begs the question:  How will you Pay It Forward today??

Several weeks before my two little girl’s (Madeline and Maren) birthdays in October we were having the typical discussion that most parents have with their children… all of the new toys they want.  We were on the computer searching for ideas when all of a sudden there was an invitation that popped up on my Facebook page.


I took a quick look at it and my oldest Madeline asked about what we were looking at. It was an invitation for the pumpkins in the park fundraiser for Chase’s splash park.  We talked about going and then shifted back to the gift search.   We looked at all of the toys and I kept saying oh you have one like that or how many more Barbie’s do you really need?

Madeline asked me why I don’t give my presents for the splash park. I said maybe we could ask your friends to donate to the splash park instead of giving gifts. She thought it over and said yes that is a good idea.   As most little sisters’ follow their big sister’s lead we also decided to do the same for Maren’s birthday the following day.  Madeline turned 7 October 8th and Maren turned 3 on October 9th.

Madeline’s party was on October 12th and Maren’s on October 13th.The kids were so enthused about giving the money to a good cause and I have promised all of the kids instead of having their parties in October the year theNew Pay-it-Forward Card splash park is open we will have it in the summer to go to the splash park!  In the kids treat bags we included a pay it forward card and asked the kids to do something to pay their generosity forward and help someone else.

Between the two parties we raised $400 for the splash park. This really touched my heart as a parent. You see … Madeline and Chase were born in the same year so it means a lot to us as a family to be helping the splash park.  We are so enthused about the splash park and the memories it will bring for all of the children that will enjoy the park!

Our special thanks go to Michelle Eckhart for sharing her daughters’ story with us.  Happy belated birthday to both Madeline and Maren.  You are both very special little girls and we look forward to seeing you running and playing in the splash park that YOU helped to support.  🙂

Chase Made A Difference . . . Will You?


One thought on “Pay it Forward – Madeline and Maren Make A Difference

  1. This is so wonderful Michelle – great work! And also a great idea that you included a pay it forward card in each treat bag. What wonderful girls you must have!

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