Pay It Forward – Country Creations

Yorkton Regional High Schools Entrepreneurship-30 Class

Sponsors the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park in Canora

Submitted by Chase’s mom – Rachel Kraynick

The students and staff from the Yorkton Regional High School (YRHS) never cease to amaze me, not only with their talents and energy, but also with their kindness of heart and creative thinking.  Let me tell you why….

Country CreationsOne of the classes that the YRHS offers to their students in Entrepreneurship 30, which teaches the fundamentals of business and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.  Mrs.Gendreau is the teacher that has been teaching this class for the past 25 years.  This year she decided to team up with the Junior Achievements and allow her students to take part in an experience that would change their lives.

Junior Achievements is a program that inspires students to experience and understand what it takes to run a business by creating one of their own! It inspires youth to value free enterprise, understand business & economics, and develop entrepreneurial & leadership skills.

Students participate in luncheons, pitch their business ideas to other entrepreneurs and make the experience as real as it can be.  The students develop a comprehensive business plan, execute the plan, prepare a final shareholders report, dissolve the company and pay the shareholders.  The inspiration is to run a successful business and make a profit!  Country Creations was just one of the junior achievement companies that were born from this class assignment.

The particular group of students who began this junior achievement company decided to add value to two different raw products which were soybeans and barbed wire!!!!  Now what can you do with these products you ask.  Take a look at these really great ideas!!

The students roasted and added flavors such as salt and vinegar, dill pickle, and all dressed to raw soybeans, creating a healthy snack choice.
Their barbed wire art spelled the words live, love, laugh and farm.
Bending barbed wire into words.
Bending barbed wire into words.

After Country Creations designed, developed and marketed their product, they decided to donate 10% of their product sales to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park.  This particular group of students not only wanted to donate money for the Splash Park in Canora, but they were keen on spreading the “Pay it Forward” message on to all their friends, family and now customers!  This group of students not only showcased their entrepreneurial spirit but demonstrated the “Pay it Forward” concept of kindness and generosity for other community members.

They can be liked on their “Country Creations” Facebook page or you can read more about them on their blog at

On January 16, 2013 they held a shareholders meeting and presented us with a cheque for $270.70!!!!!


Our family is very touched by the students generosity and are confident that each one of them in his class have gained valuable skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs of the future and well as being well-rounded citizens that continue to make a difference.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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