Another HUGE Splash Park Announcement

Once again we have TERRIFIC and EXCITING NEWS to announce!!!!

Canora Aquatic Play Pad SKThe Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park has been chosen as 1 of 2 North American finalists with the WaterPlay Solutions Corporation for a chance of winning 25% off  the cost of the sprayer components for the splash park … which is a HUGE savings!

We are asking for your help.  Although we have already asked you to vote for our project in the AVIVA competition (and we are so very grateful for ALL that your votes have done to put us in the FINALS :-)) we realize that that was a huge daily commitment on your part.  This online voting competition from WaterPlay Solutions Corporation is a one time vote only.  That’s it … That’s all!!

But we do need to be careful with the voting instructions we are giving you.  This time votes are tabulated and counted by IP address.  Therefore, you can vote only once BUT the catch this time is that you can vote from as many different devices that you have access to … computers, smart phones, iPads, iPods, Playbooks, etc.  Anything that you can get an internet connection on … can cast a vote.

Each device EQUALS one vote!! 🙂

SMPlease click on the link below and cast your vote through Survey Monkey.  The most votes will win this competition and bring us that much closer to making this splash park a reality for our community.  The Winner will be announced on January 31, 2013.  Please forward this information to everyone you know who will be in support of The Chase Kraynick “Pay It Forward” Splash Park.

WaterPlay solutions CorpThank You to the wonderful people at WaterPlay Solutions Corporation who thought that Chase’s Splash Park was a concept plan worthy of consideration for this great competition.

And … to all of our friends, family, and supporters throughout North America … THANK YOU so much for your ongoing and committed support as we look forward to making this splash park a reality in 2013!!

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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