“Make Way for Waterplay” Contest Winners!

The Waterplay Solutions Corporation from Kelowna, BC have announced the winner of their 25th Anniversary Contest and First place went to AVA’s Splash Pad from St. Juliet, Tennessee!  Congratulations Jim and Krista Bright (Ava’s mommy and daddy)!  We are all super happy for you!  We know that building this facility in memory of sweet little AVA is such a gift to your community, just like AVA was to so many!

Chase’s “Pay it Forward” Splash Park was the runner up and we will be awarded $5,000 toward the cost of our components and two free ground sprayers!!!  We too are happy and grateful to have been selected as a finalist in this great competition!  Thank you to Waterplay for selecting our project as a finalist and we hope to order our sprayers next week!  To see the official announcement click http://www.waterplay.com/node/210

Thank you to everyone who voted for us during this competition near and far! Your support is much appreciated.   We did amazing well for our population base and are thankful for each and every vote received.

Because of our sweethearts Ava and Chase we are happy that both of these parks will be built in 2013.  We know that they will be places which will bring together many families over a number of decades.  Places where cherished memories will be made and much fun had!  Our wish is for every family in Saskatchewan and Tennessee to take advantage of these two remarkable splash pads, use them often, and never forget the two beautiful children that made it all possible.

To learn more about Ava’s life, you can visit http://www.avalynshayefoundation.org/p/avas-story.html



Chase And Ava Made A Difference … Will You?


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