Forget Me Not

ForgetMeNotLast fall we were given a lemon tree that was potted with other varieties of flowers including bleeding hearts, paper whites and forget-me-nots!  We received this gift from a family that experienced the loss of their child.  This mother explained that life will throw us lemons, but we need to remember to make lemonade.  The bleeding hearts represent the feelings we have been experiencing, the paper whites represent the innocence of our children and the forget-me-nots are self-explanatory.  I loved the entire gift from this family because it represents what we are going through but it also serves as a reminder to treasure every moment and make the most of each day!

ChasecooperAs Valentine’s Day approached, I was busy helping Cooper pick out special cards and treats for his friends at daycare and nursery school.  Since Valentine’s Day is a day of love, I couldn’t help but think of Chase and the forget me nots!  The forget me nots symbolize true love and the pain of parting.  I know that although we are not together here on earth, our love for Chase will never end.  So as we celebrate the love for those we have here, we are also going to celebrate the love we have for those that aren’t…because we have forgot you not… and never will!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love’s in my life!



Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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