Thankful Thursday – Lia Sophia For The Park


What makes someone a terrific sales person? Well … my answer would be:

  1. They need to have great “people” skills or customer service skills,
  2. They understand the product their selling (and believe in it),  but most of all
  3. They need to show they care!

So, if I were to nominate an individual in this category, it would be none other than Candace Ochitwa!  Candace is a Lia Sophia advisor based out of Warmen, SK.

Candace loves people and of course jewelry!  She decided to host a Lia Sophia party in Yorkton on December 5, 2012 as a fundraiser for the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash Park.  Unfortunately, that night turned out to be one of the most blustery and stormy nights in Saskatchewan. None the less, Candace continued on with the night and did a “bling up job” of showcasing what Lia Sophia offered!  Jewelery CHest

It was the ONLY jewelry party that I’ve ever been to that had EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF JEWELRY THEY SOLD … ON DISPLAY!!!!   She took the initiative to not only help organize a party but she decided to donate all her commission to the Chase Kraynick “Pay it Forward” Splash park! It didn’t stop there either…

Candace raffled off 5 door prizes for all who attended, which included two beautiful stand up jewelry boxes with mirrors, a Keurig coffee maker, a jewelry stand and a luggage bag.

The entire evening brought in just under $2500 for the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park!!!  How incredible is that??

Candace was also gracious enough to make us coffee mugs, fridge magnets and a huge canvas banner advertising the Pay it Forward Park!

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the fundraiser and your immense generosity!  You are an amazing woman and we are so thankful for all your efforts in supporting the splash park!

To check out Lia Sophia’s spring line or to book a party, please email Candace at or visit their website at

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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