Pay It Forward Friday Pays Off For Canora Union Hospital

It feels like the entire community of Canora has thought about the whole “Pay it Forward” concept and people have been trying to find ways to show their kindness and generosity towards one another.  The staff at the Canora Union Hospital is no exception either!  In fact, they decided to take it a step further and promote kindness and generosity in the workplace.  Early on in September we told you about their campaign to rally support for the Splash Park, the AVIVA competition, and to make casual Friday’s a bit more exciting.

The “Have Fun at Work Committee” at the hospital decided to order T-Shirts for the staff to wear which promoted the “Pay it Forward” concept among the general public.  They ordered blue T-Shirts which read “Chase Made A Difference…Will You?” on the front, while the back of their T-Shirts read…“Pay it Forward.”  As Chase’s mother, I was very touched, as was our entire family by this demonstration of support by all the workers.


Since then, every Friday has been designated as a “dress down day”, so any staff that wanted to dress down, would wear their “Pay it forward” T-Shirt and contribute $2.00 to a jar.   All proceeds from the collection jar would be donated to the Splash Park.

In January, the Have Fun at Work Committee at the Hospital counted the money in that jar and have donated a whopping $647.00 to the Pay it Forward Splash Park!!!!

Thank you to all the workers for promoting this concept and for encouraging one another to think about how we can make difference in each other’s lives!   We truly appreciate all of our health care workers for the wonderful job you do on a daily basis and now also for your demonstration of support.  This really speaks to what it means to be part of a community in the way you support, encourage and uplift one another and those around you! You truly are role models in our community and we sincerely thank you all for making a difference.

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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