Yorkton Farm Toy Auction

Toy AuctionAl and Jeff Kuntz of Jakz Farm Toys organized the first exclusively farm toy auction to be held in conjunction with the Yorkton Toy and Collectible show.  The event was held on February 8th at the Legion Hall in Yorkton, just prior to the Farm Toy and Collectible Show.  The auction featured 221 lots of farm toys from 25 consignors from across the three Prairie Provinces and North Dakota.

The Kuntz brothers said they organized the sale, “because we love the hobby and wanted to promote it.” “We’re not doing it to make money,” Kuntz said, but added breaking even was a goal to make it viable to undertake the sale next year.

In addition to the sale, the Kuntz’s wanted to auction off a toy tractor in order to donate the proceeds to the Chase Kraynick Pay it Forward Splash Park.  They decided to donate a 1:32 scale Stieger 4WD Tractor to be auctioned off.  One of the bidders in the crowd was Stieger TractorMichael Glaicar, a producer from Waldron, Saskatchewan.  Michael continued to bid on the model tractor until he bought it for $500.00!!!  However, Michael’s generosity did not stop there.  Instead of paying $500.00 for the model tractor, he decided to write a cheque for an even $1000.00!!!! WOW!!!  We are so thankful to the Kuntz’s for their act of kindness in even considering raising money for Canora’s Splash Park but also for Michael’s overwhelming generosity.  We are very thankful to both parties so please know that you made a difference for our community, just like Chase made a difference in the lives of many.

Thank you!

You can check out the Kuntz’s Farm Toy site at www.jakz.ca

Chase Made A Difference … Will You?


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